Time to take Ladbrokes bet on Clinton in PA?

April 5, 2008

More good news for Hillary

After adding the latest poll, I’ve come up with the following projections.

Hillary Clinton 46.56
Barack Obama 42.74

Hillary’s position seems to be improving. Evidently she took a hit with Casey’s endorsement of Obama and ‘Snipergate’ but now that seems to be fading from the public consciousness her numbers seem to be improving. Throw in her gift for retail politics and I believe that she is about 45% likely to get the double digits leads that she needs to keep her in the contest, making Ladbrokes’s 1.62/1 (2.62) on her getting a lead larger than 12% reasonable value.


One comment

  1. i know you will vote for clinton she is the right person for the job obama refuse to wear our flag so what does that say for a man you wont;s to be our president and he will fine all americas you dont have insurace where she will help us get the insurance we need and put jobs out there so we dont have to do without if he wins i will go for mcain i dont trust obama he just makes speeches we she will make things happen for the america people

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