The Ladbrokes Veep Markets

April 3, 2008

TPT reveals who he has been betting on in the Veepstakes


The best market for the Veepstakes in terms of breadth (and also in terms of the liquidity offered), is the one run by the bookmaker Ladbrokes. Although I have a few quid on Lieberman in Betfair (and I made a very succesful bet on the Republican nomination there in September) Ladbrokes is also very good about responding to customer suggestions, and when I suggested Sanford Bishop & Harold Ford Jr for the Democratic side and Jon Huntsman for the GOP, they obliged with some very reasonable prices. Currently I have the following bets on with them:

Joe Lieberman (GOP veepstakes) £50 @ 15.00 (14/1)
Michael Bloomberg (Dem) £20 @ 34.00 (33/1) now 15.00 (14/1)
Condi Rice (GOP) £20 @ 15.00 (15/1)
Jon Hunstman £5 @ 34.00 (33/1)

The full list can be found at http://www.ladbrokes.com.



  1. I’m pretty confident that Joe Lieberman and Condoleezza Rice have no chance of being John McCain’s running-mate unless he’s that certain to squash any chance he has of winning the White House.

    Lieberman may get along with the GOP on Iraq, but he’s a staunch liberal on almost every other issue. McCain already has lot of convincing to do with the GOP’s religious and Conservative wings, and that’s without attaching an ex-Democrat to the ticket with a 100% voting-record wtih NARAL Pro-Choice America (who’d be only a heartbeat away from appointing the country’s next Supreme Court justices, I might add). Religious conservatives won’t view this as a unity-ticket or an attempt for electability, but a sell-out. The religious right will do everything in their power to prevent such a ticket from happening; they’d rather lose one election and pin their hopes on 2012 than have the issue of abortion forever removed from the table.

    As for Condoleezza Rice… don’t get me started. That’d be about as disastrous for the ticket as putting Giuliani on the top. It’d be absolutely impossible to separate McCain from Bush’s failed war if he were to pick her, and the Democrats/liberal groups would have a field-day.

    My personal guess: Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida or Gov. Pawlenty of Minnesota for the soul sake of electability, or possibly one of the nation’s female Republican governors for a Mondale-esque attempt for novelty. However, short of Colin Powell, I can’t think of a single person McCain can pick as his VP that’d be able to stop an Obama-Richardson or Obama-Webb ticket (or a Gore-Obama ticket, for that matter) once the dust settles from the Democratic primaries and they have their nominee selected.

  2. Trust me on this-McCain will run a counterintuitive Centrist Campaign, like Nixon in 1968. He will run on Victory.

    He’ll pick Condi.

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