Clinton leads by 11.71% in Pennsylvania

March 29, 2008

Hillary Clinton increases her lead slightly


Adding the ARG poll to the collection of Pennsylvania polls, I’ve come up with the following projections.

Hillary Clinton 50.69
Barack Obama 38.98

The gap seems to have stabilised at just above 10%. Hillary Clinton really needs to work at increasing that gap, as she needs to win by more than single digits. The only real option is to focus on retail politics and keep emphasising patriotism. A trip to the site of United Airlines Flight 93 might not hurt.



  1. Last night Fox news was broadcasting a 16% lead. I don’t know about these polls. I want Hillary to win big and defy these pollsters, if only to show that polls don’t pick presidents, voters do.

  2. Obama has defied every expectation of himself due to record-turnout by young and first-time voters. I expect PA to be no different.

    If Hillary carries the state by anything short of double-digits will be viewed as a victory for Obama, and a crippling one at that.

  3. I believe Sen. Obama has less negativity in his campaign, He definately in the lead in the Gallop polls. Mostly because of Sen. Clintons train of controversy. Her lies about her experience in Bosnia, meanwhile attacking and trying to deminish Sen. Obama while Praise the rival party Sen. Mccain for have the credential to be commander and Cheif. Or maybe the fact that she brushed it off because she didn’t care much about what the American people who have been contributing millions to her campagin thought about her arguing how experienced she is and ready on day one, was just empty words, When her White House Documents were released. I’t seems as thought every thing is coming back to haunt Hillary Clinton. My sister told me yesterday March 31, 08 she had the front page story because the little girl in Bosnia was upset that she was distorting what happened there. Also she talks so much about health care than why didn’t she pay medical bills for her employees of her campaign in a year. Also she owes vendors out of Ohio a state she won thousands of dollsrs that she didn’t pay for and when they call her campaign they don’t answere the phone. These small vendors have been setting up the venues and Clinton signs are located other vendors to request there money upfront.

  4. Hear hear!

  5. P.S. Even Hillary’s backers are facing the news: http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0408/Cleavers_bluntness.html

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