Obama’s lead in North Carolina is reduced to 16.64%

March 28, 2008

Slightly better news for Senator Clinton


Adding the Insider Advantage poll to the collection of North Carolina polls, I’ve come up with the following projections.

Barack Obama 50.74
Hillary Clinton 34.1

The polls seem to have settled after the huge swings that they have experienced in recent days. My guess is that Obama will probably carry North Carolina, but Hillary Clinton will cut his eventual margin to 6-8%, proving nothing either way.



  1. Sen. Obama has exceeded expectations if every single southern and midwestern contest he’s been in. I expect North Carolina to be no different.

    Sen. Obama will win by double-digets.

  2. well…..this sounds oddly familiar…sounds like the pennsylvania primary because of the expectation of the narrowing of the 6-8% lead-altho this could go one of 2 ways-we could either see him win by the 10 points or win by the 6 points…im predicting the 10 points as is doesnt seem like people like clinton in north carolina…and i mean come on i know weve heard it b4 but the math adds up….hes gonna win the popular vote….and unless ur gonna be racist about it the black people do count and should count just as much as everyone else…especially if the old white rascist pennsylvanians are gonna count…..everyone is taken into account….thats the way it works….get over it….i think its a good thing….and i think hes a good president….is!

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