More bad news for Hillary and Obama

March 27, 2008

Will the Democratic nomination be a poisoned chalice for whoever wins it?


My new national projections (last poll ending March 25th) are:

John McCain 49.93
Hillary Clinton 43

John McCain 50.86
Barack Obama 41.01

McCain leads both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by 6.93% and 8.85% respectively. Although these are early days, this does suggest that McCain is in a very strong position. It might also focus Clinton’s mind as to whether the nomination might be a poisoned chalice. At the very least it should dissuade her from accepting second place on a ticket with Obama.


One comment

  1. There’s no doubt that John McCain is benifiting from the mud-wrestling match Hillary and Barack are engaged in, but I think McCain’s advantage is due mainly to defecting, disgruntled Democrats.

    Americans have an extremely short-term memory politically speaking. (That Rev. Wright flap has already cooled to a simmer). I expect the Dems to eventually get behind their nominee once he or she is selected.

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