Clinton’s Pennsylvania lead falls to only 10.49%

March 26, 2008

Bad News for Hillary Clinton.


Adding the Rasmussen poll to the collection of Pennsylvania polls, I’ve come up with the following projections.

Hillary Clinton 49.36
Barack Obama 38.87

The gap seems to have shrunk so that it is barely in double digits. The Jeremiah Wright controversy seems only to have delayed the closing of the gap between Obama and Clinton. The only straw that Clinton can grab to is that Obama’s reframing of the question to one of race may mean that Pennsylvania voters may be less willing to admit that they are not supporting him. However, since this was a ‘robo-poll’ even this is a very weak argument.


One comment

  1. …or maybe, dare I say it, Obama is improving this numbers becuase PA voters are starting to think he’s the better candidate?

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