Clinton leads by 17.96 in Pennslyvania

March 13, 2008

But will the contest get to Pennslyvania?


Barack Obama seems to have tomorrow night’s contest sown up.

Adding the latest poll to the collection of Mississippi polls, I’ve come up with the following projections.

Barack Obama 53.72
Hillary Clinton 36.98

Hillary has a very strong leads in Pennslyvania but after the Ferraro challenge the possibility of a group of superdelegates switching to Obama en masse in protest must be considered a possibility. I would estimate Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s chances for the nomination to be about even.



  1. I wonder if Hillary’s win is a racial thing????????
    Please don’t let this be your choice.

  2. I agree w/u girlfriend. Obama is trying to bring all Americans together regardless of their race. People please wake up, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After Bush, we desperately need a CHANGE! YES WE CAN!!!

  3. Hillary is leading by double digits thats great. However did she address the overstatement of her experience in Bosnia. The New york Post had a front page story about the little girl who read the poem to Sen. Clinton and was very upset about Sen. Clintons distortion of the event. Also, I don’t remeber Sen. Clinton apologizing to the public for misspeaking more than 4 times about her Bosnia experience. Maybe thats why she declining significantly in the Gallop polls. Maybe shes declining in the polls because she exaggerated her experience as First Lady while attacking her opponent for a lack of experience while praising the rival party Sen. John Mccain for having experience. Or maybe we really found out that she was a great support of Nafta which stated she held serveral meetings pushing Nafta during the Clinton administration. Or maybe it was Sen. fighting for the Michigan and Florida votes to be seated after agreeing they wasn’t going to count because she was lacking 2nd place in the race. Meanwhile arguing to have votes seated, her big money supporters sent House Speaker Nancy Polosi a letter threatening her to change her position towards hoe the supper delegates should choose the Nominee because if Hillary wins the Popular vote than it conceed the most pledge delegates. Or having her supporter James Corville attack Gov. Bill Richardson for endorsing Sen. Obama instead of her, he was called a judas and he continues to stakethe claim. Last but not least why Sen. Clinton is declining in the Gallop by 10 points to Sen. Obama is failing to pass the bait test to comment on the Rev. Wright controversy when her Bosnia controversy started to change the subject back to Sen. Obama, when earlier in the week she declined to comment.

  4. Rasmussen already shows Hillary’s lead reduced to a minuscule 5%: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/2008_presidential_election/pennsylvania/pennsylvania_democratic_presidential_primary

    If her campaign’s implosion continues, a Wisconsin-sized blowout may become an inevitability for the Obama campaign.

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