Is this an opportunity for Rudy or Hillary?

March 11, 2008

Could Giuliani or Clinton run for New York’s Highest Office in 2010?


Now that Republicans are threatening impeachment, and there is even talk of Spitzer facing criminal charges, it is almost certain that Elliott Spitzer will be forced to step down as Governor of New York. Although, the Lieutenant Governor David Paterson will step into his place, Paterson allegedly has his own ethics problems. This will mean that to all intents and purposes the governor’s mansion will be an open contest. This leaves the field open for Rudolph Giuliani on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton, if she is unsuccessful this November, on the Democratic side. The governor’s mansion would be an ideal stepping stone for the Presidency, allowing the occupation two years to showcase their executive abilities on a larger scale. Of course Hillary could be criticised for only spending two years before running for the White House again (and so would Giuliani). However, they could sidestep this by selecting a strong running mate, possibly Donald Trump on the Republican side and Andrew Cuomo for the Democrats. Of course Hillary could still win the Democratic nomination and Giuliani could be McCain’s running mate. However, this does reduce the likelihood of Hillary accepting the bottom place on a ticket with Obama, if nothing else.


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  1. See M. Thomas Eisenstadt has a new post comparing how Spitzer handled his urges compared to Giuliani

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