McCain leads both Clinton and Obama

March 8, 2008

But Hillary is more electable than Obama.


Pollster.com are now putting national data on their website and disaggregating Rasmussen tracking data. My projections (last poll March 5th) are:

John McCain 46.13
Barack Obama 43.94

John McCain 46.07
Hillary Clinton 44.93

This is good news for Hillary as it adds weight to her electability argument. Again, I believe that we should expect these numbers to widen in McCain’s favour, especially if Obama is the Democratic nominee.


One comment

  1. We both hope that Obama will be the Democratic nominee but for the opposite reason.

    I am sure that it made McCain’s day when Monster Hillary said that only she and McCain had enough Washington time to be commander-in-Chief. Since McCain has more Washington time, that would seem to be de facto admission that McCain is more qualified than she.

    Politics is strange. Americans put Alfred E. Newman in the White House for 8 years. What next?

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