Some thoughts on ‘mini-Tuesday’

March 5, 2008

TPT looks at the morning after


1. Obviously John McCain has the majority of delegates, and barring some hellish accident, will be the Republican nominee. The question, from a betting perspetive is the question as to whether it would be wise to take profits now, or wait until September.

2. Hillary Clinton should be favourite to be the Democratic nominee. She won the night 3-1 and, despite the exit polls, won convincing victories in both Ohio and Rhode Island. She might not have the pledged delegates but she definitely has the momentum.

3. On more sober reflection, McCain’s speech was good. However, taking vowing to confront the Democrats on trade and healthcare is either a bit of pandering, a gutsy move, or a little bit foolish.

4. A Clinton-Obama ticket looks the most likely outcome on the Democratic side.

5. McCain must hit the trail running and start campaigning in the swing states. It will be interesting to see if Joe Lieberman accompanies him on any of these trips.

6. Ron Paul and Denis Kucinich both won their primaries, scotching any suggestion of a third party ticket.


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