Continuing Live Blogging

March 5, 2008

TPT continues his ‘betting night’


00:01 GMT : Vermont is called for Clinton, everything is too close to call.

00:02 GMT : Vermont is called for McCain.

00:24 GMT : Obama leads 53-45 in Vermont with 952 counted and McCain leads 72-15 with 235 counted.

00:30 GMT : Fox News calls Ohio for McCain.

00:32 GMT : Despite the exit polls Obama is 4.3 in Ohio and 4.5 in Rhode Island on Betfair.

00:35 GMT : According to the exit polls McCain does better on the economy than Iraq (he crushes Huckabee in both).

00:41 GMT : CNN exit polls predict McCain Ohio by 58-32

00:43 GMT : CNN exit polls predict Clinton Ohio 51-48

00:44 GMT : Put £2 on Clinton at 999/1 in Vermont.

00:49 GMT : Rumour going around the internet that the BBC have called Ohio for Obama.

00:58 GMT : Obama’s moving out to 2.5 in Texas on Betfair.

00:59 GMT : Hillary leads 55.99-42.11 in Ohio with a handful of votes counted.

01:19 GMT : Obama leads by 57-42 in Texas but Hillary’s staff seems bullish.

01:32 GMT : Obama leads by over 120,000 but it’s all in urban areas.

01:43 GMT : Put £2 on Clinton in Texas at 4.1

01:45 GMT : Reason magazine claims that Paul has won his primary. Guess there won’t be a third party challenge if this holds up.

01:50 GMT : Placed £5 on Obama winning Ohio at 9.

02:00 GMT : McCain projected to win Republican nomination by both CNN and Fox News.

02:05 GMT : Rhode Island exit polls suggest a 51.45-47.45 Clinton victory.

02:20 GMT : Huckabee gives a gracious concession and withdrawal speech.

02:23 GMT : Fox calls Rhode Island for Clinton.

02:47 GMT : McCain and his wife take the stage.

02:48 GMT : McCain obviously moved.

02:52 GMT : Great speech. Shout out to ‘independant minded democrats’. Promises ‘respectful’ campaign.

02:53 GMT : Defends Iraq war. Promises victory with honour.

02:56 GMT : Hits Clinton and Obama on trade.

02:58 GMT : Promises to campaign in all parts of America. Does he realise the opportunity that he has to win big if Obama is the nominee.

03:00 GMT : “We don’t pine for history, we make history” – the line of the night!

03:03 GMT : McCain really needs an alternative to Johnny B. Goode.

03:20 GMT : Put £1 on Obama in Ohio at 41/1. If they haven’t called it there must be a convincing reason.

03:38 GMT : Hillary now 1.81 favourite on Betfair in Texas.

Thanks to elitebet in Highgate for hosting the event.


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