Hillary leads in both Ohio and Texas

March 4, 2008

Bad news for both the ‘Audacity of Hope’ and the ‘other man from Hope’


My latest Samplemiser projections for Texas are:

Hillary Clinton 48.81
Barack Obama 46.71

John McCain 55.57
Mike Huckabee 33.55

My projections for Ohio are:

Hillary Clinton 53.45
Barack Obama 42.77

John McCain 57.89
Mike Huckabee 28.22

Hillary Clinton seems to leading in both Texas and Ohio. However, although Ohio seems pretty safe for her, Texas is still on a knife-edge. Because of the strange hybrid system it is possible (indeed probable) that even if she wins the primary she could still come out of Texas with fewer delegates than Barack Obama. In both Ohio and Texas John McCain seems to be winning by a landslide.


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