Final Projections for Texas and Ohio (R)

March 4, 2008

Will this man be tucking into the sweet taste of victory tonight?


My final Samplemiser projections for Texas are:

John McCain 56.23
Mike Huckabee 31.69
Ron Paul 6.39

My projections for Ohio:

John McCain 57.97
Mike Huckabee 28.6
Ron Paul 6.89

The projections are pretty much unchanged, with McCain miles ahead of Huckabee and Paul.


One comment

  1. Whoop dee doo.

    Getting the nomination is miles away from winning the presidency.

    Besides. How does the voting work there?
    How many delegates does Ron Paul have?
    I know in Maine, Romney got 52% “preference” with Paul and McCain geetting 20%. But Paul got 35% of the delegates, with Romney about the same, and McCain splitting the remaining %tage with Huckabee

    I sincerely hope McCain does not get the 1100+ delegates until september.

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