Clinton leads by 5.25% in Ohio

March 2, 2008

Will the NAFTA debacle spell doom for Obama’s candidacy?

My latest Samplemiser projections for Ohio are:

Hillary Clinton 49.17
Barack Obama 43.92

John McCain 59.07
Mike Huckabee 25.02

Hillary’s lead, which had been in danger of totally evaporating is now starting to looking significant, if not completely comfortable. One explanation for this sudden reveral might be the controversial advert on national security that she ran or the fact that Barack Obama’s spokesman apparently approached the Canadian embassy and told them that his anti-NAFTA was phoney. In any case its a good time to bet on Hilllary in Ohio.



  1. Strange article. You don’t even name the poll?

  2. The figures above are Samplemiser projections based on the latest polls (polling data is from the Pollster.com website) rather than one specific poll.

  3. OK fine. Seems odd to have headlines about candidates “leading” based on your own projections.

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