Betting Journal: Buying Hillary

February 25, 2008

I bought 20 more contracts on Hillary winning the Democratic nomination. After all, she is still ahead in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island and actually leads in some of the national polls.




  2. Hillary…has not got my vote. Today after her tactic of releasing the photo of Barak. The photo was a malicious attempt to appeal to the most bigoted fears of those who buy into it sickens me. Barak Obama will be our next President. Hillary and her campaign need be ashamed.

  3. If true it was a rather underhand tactic. Anyway, I’ll look at the new polls which are coming out in the morning and see if the projections will make me change my view on the contest. I think that Obama is the favourite but it a question of Hillary having more than the 19% chance that the market is giving her.

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