Hillary still has a healthy lead in Ohio

February 22, 2008

Could she actually beat Obama in the Buckeye state?


My latest Samplemiser projections (for the Democratic contest only) are:

Hillary Clinton 50.49
Barack Obama 42.84

Although there is plenty of time for Obama to overcome a seven point lead, the fact it is still that large after all the negative press and the string of defeats, suggests that Hillary could pull a victory off in Ohio, even if she loses in Texas.



  1. […] still has a healthy lead in Ohio February 22nd, 2008 ivanjow wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptHillary Clinton 50.49 Barack Obama […]

  2. Her 20 point lead has decreased to 8 points. We have seen this before. It is bad news for Hillary and I can’t see how it can be spun to her advantage.

  3. Yes, but Obama seems to have hit a brick wall at 8-10 points. You would have expected him to overtake Hillary by now. This could be just a temporary stall, but I sense that Hillary just might have a chance.

  4. Obama’s speeches propose nearly a trillion dollars in new expenditures. How much are you willing to pay for those speeches? Are his speeches worth hundreds of billions of dollars?

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