Updated Wisconsin projections

February 18, 2008

Huckabee closes the gap with McCain further while Clinton passes Obama.


Using Samplemiser, I have produced the following updated projections for Wisconsin:

John McCain 46.42
Mike Huckabee 39.66

Hillary Clinton 47.39
Barack Obama 43.97

Huckabee seems to be closing fast on McCain, who will need to step up his campaigining if he is to avoid an embarassing defeat. Clinton seems to have overtaken Obama, which makes her decision to stop campaigning in Wisconsin rather puzzling. We could very well see her making a last minute change to her plans. Although some may criticise the pollster, American Reseach Group, it should be noted that its performance has been comprable to other pollsters this season.


One comment

  1. wake up america. why would right wing republicans promote a democrat such as barak obama. when have you ever seen so many right wing red-necks promote someone as much as they do obama. day after day after day. Why. they want him to win. they know they can beat him. i smell karl rove in this.

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