What is the impact of Romney’s endorsement of McCain?

February 15, 2008

Why you should not read too much into Romney’s endorsement of McCain


The decision of Mitt Romney to endorse John McCain and to urge his delegates to support the Arizona Senator has led to speculation as to why someone who was so critical of John McCain during the primaries was willing to patch things up with him in such a public way, especially when there was the possibility that a brokered convention might still give him a chance at the nomination. This has ignited a fresh round of speculation that McCain might choose Romney as his vice-president, with the aims of both uniting the Republican Party and shoring up his credentials on economic issues.

However, Romney is only releasing his delegates and there are doubts that he can force them to choose McCain. This is more to do with a Romney being in the ‘on-circle’ for 2012 (or 2016) than him wanting to be in the Naval Observatory. In any case Romney wouldn’t add much to the ticket and his selection as Vice-President would alienate the Evangelical Right. The differences in foreign policy and economic policy will make McCain war of putting Romney next in line to the Presidency. Essentially Romney’s endorsement doesn’t change a thing, except that a brokered convention will probably result in a McCain/Romney ticket rather than one with McCain and Huckabee. John McCain still needs to win an absolute majority of delegates in his own right if he wants to select the Vice President of his choosing and take the Republican Party towards the centre.


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