Intrade opens a market on the London Mayoral Contest

February 13, 2008

An alternative to Betfair for those interested in betting on the Mayoralty of the ‘Big Smoke’


One of the ironies of this website has been that while I have extensively commented on American betting markets, I have said little recently about those on the other side of the Atlantic. One of the reasons for this is that as a non-American who has no direct stake in the outcome (except of course in regards to the War on Terror) I can be more objective about the US elections. Indeed, even though I may lean towards McCain because of his foriegn policy stance I have no overriding loyalty to either the Democrats or the Republicans. Another reason is that there isn’t much going on in British politics these days. However, on May 4th Londoners (like myself) will go to the polls. Up until now punters have only been limited to the market on Betfair.com. However, at my prompting, Intrade.com have launched a market on the mayoral election. I will therefore step up my coverage of the mayoral election over the next few weeks.


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