Final thoughts on DC, MD & VA

February 13, 2008

TPT looks back at last nights results


1. This was a stupendous night for McCain. If he can beat Huckabee in Virginia and crush him in Maryland and Washington DC, Huckabee doesn’t have a hope in hell. McCain has proved that he doesn’t need to pander to the right to win primaries and can safely move to the centre to attract independants.

2. This was a good night for Obama in that he exceeded even his high expectations. However, Hillary still can pull it back with wins in Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida.

3. Any hope of ‘Republicans for Hillary’ being a factor in her favour is now dead.

4. I therefore believe that the chances of Obama and winning the nomination are about even.


One comment

  1. We don’t need Ohio, Texas, D.C., Maryland, or Virginia to get to the White House. The Hillary campaign has run a hard race to the White House and we don’t intend to let Ohio or Texas or any minority states stand in our way reguardless of their vote. We have already won the big states and we intend to invoke hole heartedly the votes of Florida. We tried to win the supporters of John Edwards. Unfortunately we did not win the supporters of John Edwards, but as you can see we didn’t need them to win the big states and we will not need them in the future to win the White House. The Clinton campaign started this race as winners, favored to be in the white house because we are not trying to change the face of america nor it’s foundation our pass leaders worked so hard to establish. We know what our opponent is trying to do and we can not let this happen. America is not broken, just our leadership. Everyone in america has been treated fair for over two hundred years and if they are unhappy with their current status or the economy then I’m sure they can find pleasure in being in america. When Senator Clinton is elected president she will address all issues of concern.

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