Can Hillary stop her slide?

February 10, 2008

How Hillary Clinton can stop Barack Obama


As the chart below suggests, Hillary Clinton is continuing to slide on the betting markets. Although I believe that they are underestimating her chances, here’s what she should do to gain the nomination.

1. Stop hitting below the belt – Hillary looked to have the nomination under wraps after her shock victories in New Hampshire and Nevada. However, some really below-the-belt campaigning by her surrogates ailenated a lot of people and drove many people into Obama’s corner. She, and her surrogates, need to stop spreading rumours about Obama. In fact she should avoid mentioning Obama at all during the rest of the campaign.

2. Campaign, campaign & campaign – Hillary needs to regain some momentum and show that she has been shaken out of her complacency. She also needs to minimise the impact of her diminished funds. She can accomplish both objectives by hitting the campaign trail and trying to use retail politics and free media to get her message across.

3. Where’s the beef – Hillary needs to talk about her plans for change and stress her credentials as someone who is prepared to fight the Republicans on domestic and economic issues.

4. Show some humility -Clinton needs to show that she no longer considers herself inevitable. This means discovering a sense of self-depreciation and acknowledging that it is a very tight contest.


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