Some final thoughts on Super Tuesday

February 6, 2008

TPT looks back at last night


1. This is a good night for Hillary. She carried the big states that Obama had been expected to win, such as California and Massachusetts, and managed to come out ahead on delegates. However, the margin of her victory wasn’t so great that it runs the risks of inducing complacency among her or her supporters. She is clearly the frontrunner, but the possibility of Barack Obama pulling an upset and winning the nomination is great enough, to keep her and her supporters honest.

2. I’m tempting fate but McCain must surely be the nominee. Neither Huckabee and Romney are strong enough to stop him on his own and the chances of them combining are virtually nil. The remaining primaries suit McCain’s strength as a strong campaigner. As the results demonstrated tonight, McCain is only weak when he has to rely on surrogates.

3. The chances of a McCain-Pawlentry ticket just took a big blow. Although McCain would have done better had he campaigned there, the size of Romney’s victory in Minnesota showed that, even among Republicans, Pawlentry is not the electoral asset that many think he is.

4. McCain needs to avoid making any promises to the right. His performance last night was a clear demonstration that he doesn’t need to be making any concessions to them.


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