Complete GOP Predictions

February 5, 2008

TPT Predicts ALL the Super Tuesday states

I’ve decided to go all out and predict Super Tuesday. For many of the states I’ve just eyeballed polls and trusted my guts, for others I’ve actually put them through Samplemiser. Enjoy

AZ: McCain + 4
AL: Huckabee +2
CA: Romney +3
CT: McCain +23
DE: McCain +7
GA: Romney +2
IL: McCain +15
TN: Huckabee +1
MA: Romney +9
MO: McCain +9
CO: Romney +25
MN: McCain +15
NJ: McCain+33
NY: McCain +35
OK: McCain +4
UT: Romney +40
AR Huckabee +30
WV: Huckabee +5
ND: McCain +5
AK: McCain +5
MT: Romney +9

John McCain: (11 states) AZ, CT, DE, IL, MO, MN, NJ , NY, OK, ND, AK

Mitt Romney: (6 states) CA, GA, MA, CO, UT, MT

Mike Huckabee: (4 states) AL, TN, AR, WV


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