Round-up of the British Betting Markets

January 31, 2008

TPT turns its attention back to the United Kingdom


 Given that an ovewhelming proportion this web-log’s coverage has been on the American Presidential elections, I thought that it was only fair that I spent some time looking at the British betting markets. The following are my notes on the UK markets:

London Mayoralty – I think Mayor Ken Livingstone will scrape through against Boris Johnson. However, his price of 1.64 on Betfair (or 60.9 in Intrade terms) doesn’t leave much room for value. If you pushed me I’d say he has a 65% chance of winning (1.53) but I really wouldn’t bet the house on it.

Next Election – Going to stick with my prediction that there is a value in an election this year. The polls seem to have bottomed out for Labour and there is plenty of room for them to catch-up. At 26 for an election before the end of June and 26 for an election from July to the end of the year, I would say that this is one the best value bets on offer.

Seats Spread betting – There’s a lot of value in betting against the Liberal Democrats (47-51) on Spreadfair.


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