Some thoughts on Florida

January 30, 2008

1. McCain is now 90% likely to win the nomination. With Giuliani out and Huckabee fatally wounded he should have enough momentum to overcome Romney.

2. Romney’s election night speech sounded very much like a concession speech, thanking his staff from taking ‘me from nowhere to the first tier’. Expect the 11th commandment to come into force in tonight’s debate. I can even see Romney pulling out and/or pulling his campaign ads so as to prevent Huckabee from playing a Kingmaker role. After all, Romeny’s warchest is not limitless.

3. Much of the Republican blogosphere is coming around to a McCain nomination.

4. Despite his denials, Lieberman must remain the odds on favourite to be on the bottom of the GOP ticket. The fact that he will be attending the GOP convention says it all.

5. Hillary’s victory, on such a massive turnout, must strengthen her hand.


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