Final Projection: McCain leads by 0.30%

January 29, 2008

The Florida contest is simply too close to call


Taking all the published polls together, my final projections are: John McCain 32.13, Mitt Romney 31.83, Rudolph Giuliani 13.24, Mike Huckabee 12.58 and Ron Paul 3.43. The election is truly too close to call and don’t let the betting markets, or anyone else tell you otherwise. Remember that the exit polls were confortably predicting a Huckabee victory in South Carolina (and lets not pass over the New Hampshire debacle). 6.73% of voters are still undecided.


One comment

  1. I think Romney will take fl and move on to the nomination. Everyone that I am talking to as they leave the booth here in kissimmee florida has cast thier vote for Romney

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