Final predictions for Iowa

January 3, 2008

 Where is the value in the Iowa betting? 


I’m not going to post any polling predictions because I’ve already made my polling projections but I am going to suggest that the following probabilities should be in play:

Clinton 40%, Obama 35% – Edwards 25%

The value is clearly in betting against Obama, (66.1-69.9) as of 7:55 GMT, because although there are reports that Kucinich, Biden and Richardson are going to enocourage their supporters to give him their second preferences, I’m going to go with my projections. Also a Insider Advantage poll showed Clinton, Edwards & Obama in a statistical dead heat after second preferences were shown.

Romney & Huckabee – 50 each

The value is betting on Romney (25.1-29.8 on Intrade). My projections say Huckabee but my gut says Romney so I’m going to sit on the fence. Bear in mind that I have a lot of money riding on a McCain victory so I’m naturally fearing the worst. In any case I think Thompson will come third.


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