9 Predictions for 2008

December 31, 2007

10 Predictions for 2008

1. Mitt Romney will win the Iowa caucus…..
2. …but John McCain will win in New Hampshire
3…..and in South Carolina.
4. Different candidates will be declared the winner in the official results and in the ‘Entrance Poll’.
5. Barack Obama will NOT be the Democratic nominee for President.
6. Joe Lieberman will be nominated for the second spot on the Republican ticket.
7. The Democrats will nominate James Webb for Vice President.
8. Either Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg will run for President.
8. There will be either an internal challenge to Gordon Brown or a surprise election.
9. A EU constitution referendum will be called this year in the UK.


One comment

  1. Even on December 31, Ron Paul was running for president. Entrance Polls have been illegal for a while now, and why would Joe Lieberman, the Independent, be nominated the Republican VP candidate? Come on. And you said “9 predictions for 2008” then below you said 10 predictions…

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