The Democratic Veepstakes

December 19, 2007

Who will be at the bottom of the Democratic ticket?


I am now going to repeat yestoday’s exercise with the Democratic candidates:

Hillary Clinton – A bruiser like James Webb may be her best option if Mark Warner is going to run for the Senate. However, there are so many options that picking on a specific candidate might be a futile exercise. Although Bill Richardson does open up another electoral front in the Southwest/West, I still believe that she will either go with Webb, Warner or candidate from the ‘field’.

Barack Obama – The best candidate to demostrate Obama’s bipartisan credentials and to save the camapaign the bother of fundrasing would be New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Given that Bloomberg may still be interested in a vanity run for President, James Webb would add some much needed national securtiy credentials to the ticket. Obama might also like to get back at Hillary’s smears by following Ronald Reagan and offering her better half the ‘co-presidency’ (though that would be more for show than with any hope of Bill Clinton actually accepting the offer).

John Edwards – Although Edwards has mooted the idea of putting Obama on the ticket I don’t think he could risk running with someone as inexperienced as the Senator from Illinois. James Webb would be too populist and Bloomberg is obviously out of the question. My guess is that he would choose a female candidate, such as Katherine Sibelius, Blanche Lincoln or Jane Napolitano (though obviously not the latter if McCain was the Republican nominee).

I believe that the value lies in either James Webb or ‘the field’.


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