The GOP Veepstakes

December 18, 2007

Who will be in line for the ‘bucket of warm spit’?


I’m going to recap who I think would be the best in terms of winning the election and who is most likely for each of the Republican nominees:

John McCain: The most obvious choice in both respects would be the Independent Democrat Senator from Connecticut, Joseph Lieberman. Although I think McCain should not even consider anyone else, and I discount both Lieberman’s and McCain’s attempts to straight-bat the question about a possible ticket, if I had to suggest another candidate I would plump for Tom Ridge. Ridge, has executive and cabinet level experience, while he could put Pennsylvania in the Republican column.

Rudolph Giuliani: Giuliani will have two main objectives; picking someone who can prevent a full scale revolt from values voters and someone who can energise the South. This means that, as much as he would like a Giuliani/Lieberman ticket he will choose someone who is clearly pro-life. My guess it that either Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford or even Mike Huckabee would help in that respect. My guts tell me that the latter two would be most likely.

Mike Huckabee: Huckabee’s only hope of winning is to pick someone with foreign policy experience, someone who can enhance his prove ability to win African-American votes and someone who is pro-choice. The candidate who comes mind is the person who turned down both Bill Clinton and Robert Dole, former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell, with some justification, has been extremely leery about running and may have no wish to be at the wrong end of a landslide. Huckabee could also be pressured into selecting Olympia Snowe or even Condoleezza Rice.

Mitt Romney. Romney will inherit the animosity of a large section of the Republican party. My guess is that he will try to build bridges by reaching out to either McCain or Huckabee. However, even though Romney will have them on the shortlist that he will leak to the press, they would both probably turn him down flat. My suggestion is that he will choose someone like Mark Sanford.

Fred Thompson. Thompson is probably the only other candidate who could both offer Lieberman a place on the ticket and be able to do so without a revolt. More realistically, I could see him choosing someone who was both younger and female, like Sarah Palin (or even Rice), though the latter would link him too closely to Bush. I could even see him reaching out to John McCain.

Therefore I believe that there is a lot of value in: Field (22.8-39.7), Rice (5.1-5.3) and McCain (1.2-4.7)



  1. Giuliani is the biggest hypocrit. He let New york in a budget deficit even before 9/11.

    Daily News May 18, 2001 TWO WARN OF BUDGET SHORTFALLS p27 FRANK LOMBARDI In an unusual joint assault, the state and city controllers teamed up yesterday to warn that Mayor Giuliani is underestimating future budget shortfalls by nearly $2 billion a year. The next mayor could be forced to impose drastic service cutbacks and even major layoffs, state Controller Carl McCall and city Controller Alan Hevesi said at a rare joint news conference.

    New York Times May 1, 2001 Giuliani Keeps Foot in Race For Some Selective Tripping B1COL4 ELISABETH BUMILLER Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani’s latest strategy in his newest, most favorite sport — making mischief in the race for his successor — seems to be to bolster the fortunes of one Democratic candidate, City Council Speaker Peter F. Vallone, and to continue to harm another, City Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi… Mr. Hevesi, meanwhile, said yesterday at a news conference that the city was facing a “potential time bomb” because of Mr. Giuliani’s proposed $39.5 billion city budget, which the comptroller said contained tax cuts and large union raises that would leave future mayors with dangerous deficits.

  2. Miles,

    What in the world does your comment have to do with the subject at hand?

    Are you lost in the tubes and need directions?

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