‘Free money’ betting against Ron Paul in NH still available

December 17, 2007

The Paul in New Hampshire bubble hasn’t burst yet.


The Intade.com price on one of the ‘field’ (presumably Ron Paul) winning the New Hampshire Primary is still around 22.3-24.8. Enjoy the shorting opportunity while it lasts!



  1. Good thing your blog appears to be ignored by the traders!

    Wish I had enough $$ in there to cover the margin on the 200 contracts currently bid at 20 or more.

  2. I get the feeling this is a combo Paul-Huckabee sort of prospect. I’ve been on Intrade for a while, and that contract caught my eye for a while… but the Huck has been rolling in the polls, and I hesitate to bet against him… even in the far more moderate NH.

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