Some views about the latest GOP debate

December 12, 2007

Despite a head cold I caught the last 45 minutes of the latest Republican debate. Here are some of my impressions (bear in mind that I’m neither a Republican nor American and I watched it 4,000 miles away on my home computer:

The debate came off as dull and amateurish, combining the inane questions of the YouTube debate with a garbled format and a hackish performance by the moderator.

Candidate Rankings

1. = Mike Huckabee – The joint winner of the debate. His answers on education, health care and about the need for ending the polarisation of American politics were definitely the best.

1. = Mitt Romney – Seemed confident and put his point across well. His answers on taxation of the rich revealed flashes of a more moderate Romney.

3. John McCain – Stumbled during several of the answers and still needs to move to the centre. Came off as too generic in a debate where people were noticably less partisan but improved as the debate progressed. His answer on working with Democrats was his strongest point

4. Rudolph Giuliani – Brought nothing new to the table but didn’t make any grevious errors.

5. Fred Thompson – His comments about taxation, although true, were not what he needs to be doing at the moment. This will not help him at all.

Essentially, this debate is bad for Thompson and good for both Romney and Huckabee.


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