Obama increases his lead to 6.08%

December 6, 2007


… but Hillary is still projected to win

Inputting the latest Strategic Vision Iowa poll into Samplemiser gives the following headline projections: Obama 31.14 Clinton 25.04 Edwards 24.70 Biden 5.13 Richardson 3.05. However, using the assumptions about voting blocs outlined in the previous post on this subject gives the following projections: Clinton 33.50 Edwards 31.06 Obama 29.05. Although the release of the NIE has harmed Hillary’s campaign (in that it has reduced the importance of foreign policy experience) and she has made herself look ridiculous by dredging up stuff from Obama’s childhoood. However, Obama’s inexperience, immaturity and lack of substance still means that the 51-55 on Obama winning the Iowa primary is too high.


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