Huckabee leads by 0.53%

December 2, 2007


The contest for Iowa is as close as ever.

After putting all the polls up to, and including, the ARG poll on the 29th into Samplemiser I’ve come up with the following projections: Huckabee 27.43 Romney 26.9 Fred Thompson 12.97 Giuliani 9.69 John McCain 8.55 and Ron Paul 3.3. It’s look like the contest for first and fourth place is as close as ever, while McCain’s gutsy intervention in the last debate has sent Ron Paul back into asterisk territory. It should be noted that the the latest poll from the Des Moins Register had its end date on the 28th, putting it behind the ARG poll. Given that polls are now coming think and fast, it is important to check the actual end date (a mistake that I have made in the past).


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