Betting Journal: Sold Thompson and bought Huckabee

November 30, 2007

Because of recent events I need to properly recap the trades that I have made over the past few days. I have sold 31 contract of Fred Thomspon in total (bringing me down to 30) and bought 13 contracts on Huckabee. In total I have:

100 contracts of GOP.NOM.SANFORD
30 contracts of GOP.NOM.GINGRICH
30 contracts of GOP.NOM.THOMPSON(F)
39 contracts of GOP.NOM,.MCCAIN
13 contracts of GOP.NOM.HUCKABEE
-10 contracts of GOP.NOM.PAUL
12 contracts of DEM.NOM.CLINTON
80 contracts of PRESIDENT.FIELD.2008
9 contracts of UK.LABOUR
9 contracts of HOUSE.GOP.2008
-7 contracts of REP.IOWA.ROMNEY
– 7 contracts of REP.NH.ROMNEY
10 contracts of REP.NH.HUCKABEE
10 contracts of REP.NH.MCCAIN
10 contracts of REP.NH.THOMPSON
10 contracts of DROPOUT.DEC07.GIULIANI
3 contracts of DROPOUT.DEC07.EDWARDS
10 contracts of DEM.VP.WARNER
10 contracts of DEM.VP.WEBB
10 contracts of DEM.VP.KERREY
10 contracts of DEM.VP.NUNN
10 contracts of DEM.VP.DASCHALE
10 contracts DEM.VP.FIELD

and $1.62 in cash.

Obviously, many of those contracts are only in my portfolio because I am unable to get rid of them but I am confident that collectively they are woth more than my initial sum of $500.



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  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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