GOP Primary Polls: Iowa, New Hampshire & South Carolina

October 8, 2007

The current state of play in Iowa, New Hampshire & and South Carolina

To get an accurate idea of how the state of play is in the three earliest Republican primaries, I put over month’s worth of polling data through Samplemiser. This is what I found out:

Iowa (as of October 3rd)


Mitt Romney 25.04% Rudolph Giuliani 14.99% Fred Thompson 14.61% Mike Huckabee 12.51% John McCain 9.33%

New Hampshire (ditto)


Romney 27.29% Giuliani 20.02% John McCain 17.11% Thompson 8% Huckabee 7.85%

South Carolina


Thompson 20.49% Romney 16.35% Giuliani 16.29% John McCain 15.93% Huckabee 10.65%


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