Some Predictions about the British Election

October 2, 2007

1. It will take place this year and be called by the end of this month.
2. Labour will win both the popular vote and get a majority. The most likely outcome is a 60-65 seat majority for Labour, although it could get into three figures.
3. The Liberal Democrats will be decimated and reduced to 25-30 seats (I just cannot see them getting more than 35 seats).
4. Menzies Campbell will resign after the next election (and so will David Cameron). Chris Huhne will become the next party leader beating Nick Clegg (if either of them retain their seats that is).

On a personal note, former Prime Minister John Major is the last person qualified to speak about Iraq. Major was part of the government that sold arms to them in the first place and he (and Bush Snr) failed to remove Saddam (and betrayed Britain’s promise to the Kurds and Shiites to support them if they rose up against Saddam. In doing so he let Saddam rape, murder and kill thousands of people, restart a chemical weapons programme (as confirmed by the Butler inquiry) and perpetuate all sorts of chaos (including an attempted assassination attempt on Bill Clinton).

A longer analysis will follow tomorrow.


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